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Introducing Goldfinch Technology

Were you a customer of AT Computers? Here’s how to reach us now.

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About Goldfinch Technology

What the future brings.


For 22 years, education has always been the key strength of AT Computers, and we are pleased to announce we are now refocusing completely on the education market. With a new start comes a new name, and we are happy to announce that our new education initiative will be named Goldfinch Technology.

To achieve this, we have established a strategic partnership with Toucan Computing, a company with over 20 years of experience working almost exclusively in the education market. This partnership will take the best values and solutions from two fantastic companies, and provides us with a greater offering for all our customers.

Toucan Computing have worked closely with AT in the education market for a number of years, and this new partnership will refocus both businesses with an emphasis on technology, and greatly improved services for schools, colleges and academies.

Business as Usual.

Here’s all the ways to reach us.

Education Sales

Phone: 01684 291112 Email: info@goldfinchtechnology.co.uk

Education Support

Phone: 01684 291112 Email: support@goldfinchtechnology.co.uk Or below!


Here’s what to do next, if you are…

… An Education Customer.

You’re in the right place! Goldfinch Technology is dedicated to educational technology. Here, you’ll find important information on all of our education services, products and miscellany.

Call 01684 291112

Email info@goldfinchtechnology.co.uk

Or contact us via this website.

… A Business Customer.

Our Partner Company AT Technology Solutions specialise in Business to Business sales, particularly with regards to infrastructure, wireless and network solutions.

… A Retail Customer

We’re still the “just-round-the-corner” Apple shop in Tewkesbury, and can repair, order and upgrade Macs of all shapes and sizes, just like we have been doing for the last 20 years.

Call 01684 291112

Email info@goldfinchtechnology.co.uk

Or drop in and see us in Tewkesbury!