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Case Studies

We’ve helped schools integrate technology deployments of all shapes and sizes, from Newquay to Newcastle. Here’s how they fixed their IT.


Exploring iPad at

Ninestiles School, Birmingham

The mightiest of IT projects begin with the simplest steps. For Ninestiles, it was supporting their teachers first.


Ninestiles had a clear vision: to prepare their students for the challenges of the world of work and future social change. As a school they wanted an IT project that was capable of delivering this vision for 21st century learning.

After undertaking a significant amount of research which included visiting a number of schools already using iPad, Ninestiles began discussions for a 1:1 iPad project.


A teacher toolkit was purchased for each member of staff, complete with iPad case, VGA adaptor to connect to the classroom project and an iTunes Gift Card.

After a few weeks of getting to grips with the iPad toolkits they were supported with Vision and Planning training, and through this training were able to consider how the iPad can be transformative in the curriculum.


The school now believes it was crucial to make the initial investment with staff before the project launched with parents and students. It has shown that as a school they were fully committed to their vision, and gave them the experience necessary to support the students when the iPads arrived. Ninestiles is one of many case studies highlighting the importance of starting out the right way.

We are now into a successful 1:1 deployment with students, and can reflect on how important this journey was in achieving our vision.

Chris Quinn

Executive Principal

Empowering Learners at

Shipston-on-Stour Primary, Warwickshire

Putting technology in the hands of students was the first priority at Shipston-on-Stour Primary School.


For Shipston-on-Stour Primary, we recommended an iPad classroom solution as their first investment. We were able to answer all of the school’s questions about how to set up a classroom set of iPads, and recommended a starting point based on core content creation apps, purchased through the Volume Purchase Programme. Shipston is one of many case studies highlighting how vital it is to have a plan for iPads before they go into the classroom.

Managing Classroom iPads

A classroom set of iPads was a great starting point for the school, who found it to be very easy to customise the set to fit the requirements of the classrooms. We managed to resolve any issues quickly by maintaining a close relationship with the school.

In the classroom, the school uses an iMac to centrally manage the devices, which was configured beforehand. Local restrictions were enabled on each iPad to prevent the students from deleting apps once installed, and to provide a safe and secure online learning environment


The teachers at Shipston-on-Stour Primary were supported with Apple Professional Development Training, which enabled them to get a great head start on delivering lessons using iPad.

The school has now purchased an additional set as demand from students and staff was so great.

A classroom set of iPads was a great starting point for us, and we found it easy to customise the set to fit the requirements of our classrooms.

Christian Hilton

Head of Federation

Going mobile at

Llanrug Primary School, Gwynedd

Learning doesn’t happen in just classrooms. For Llanrug, their project was about bringing technology into the home life of students and parents.


Llanrug County Primary school is a small Welsh community school near Caernarfon in North Wales. Over the past few years Llanrug have been investing in iPad for teachers and students. Although the school has enough iPads in school to provide lessons based entirely on iPad, their long term vision was strongly focused on engaging the children in a home and school partnership.

Planning and Communication

Key to the success of the project was getting parents onside early. We helped the school present a series of evening sessions, which proved very popular with teachers and parents, to help establish a working relationship with members of the community.

Llanrug School were able to achieve their vision through a parental contribution model, which involved parents making donations on a monthly basis. At the end of the two-year agreement, the family kept their device.

True Community Engagement

As parents were paying for the iPad it was essential to position the device as a family investment. This meant using the device both inside and outside school, for both school and homework. This led to some wonderful surprises – the students often taught their parents new things!

The school supported the community with monthly training sessions organised by the PTA, which were very successful. Around 25-30 parents turned up to each session on a regular basis.

From day one we emphasised the project as a ‘lifelong learning experience’. We are all on the same learning curve together; pupils, teachers and parents.

Robin Williams


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