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Deploying Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices are perfectly suited for education, but getting them into the classroom (and actually working) can be quite challenging. We’re here to help.

Masters of Mobile.

We’ve helped schools implement Classroom Sets, Teacher Devices and full 1:1 Mobile Device Deployments.

We’ve spent the last five years getting to grips with how mobile devices can positively impact education. In that time technology has come on leaps and bounds, and it has become even harder to make an informed decision on the best mobile device for education.

As we aren’t aligned with any particular manufacturer, we can guarantee an impartial consultation on the best mobile device for your school (the answer could be that they aren’t suitable!).

Everything you need to know about Mobile Devices

The simple, no-bullfinch facts about the newest education technologies.

The Technology


What devices are on the market today. We’ll talk you through devices such as the iPad and Chromebook, in addition to complimentary products such as beacons, cases and charging trolleys.



What the capabilities and limitations of mobile devices actually are. We’ll talk you through features such as the camera, storage, battery life, breakage rates and wireless requirements.


What tools and resources exist for education. The number of apps available today can be intimidating, and we can help whittle the list down to just the helpful ones.

How it Works in Education

Education Deployments

From Teacher iPads, to Classroom Sets, full to complete 1:1 Mobile Learning Deployments. We’ll talk you through what other schools have done, what has worked, and what hasn’t.

1:1 Learning

More than just a buzzword, 1:1 Learning is a powerful concept that many schools are adopting in the UK. We’ve helped plan and deliver 1:1 deployments at both Primary and Secondary level.

Mobile Device Management

But what if the kids just play games? Mobile Device Management is the key to keeping an eye on your student’s devices, and keeping them safe and secure.

How it Works in your School

Existing IT

If you already have mobile devices in school, we can help you make the most of that technology. We can also give you a realistic picture of how your network might cope with new devices.


Every school is different, and the wheretos and wherefores of a deployment can be tricky to nail down. We can talk you through how to plan an IT project for your school.

Training and Support

To save costs, we have found schools often dispense with proper training and support programmes. This inevitably leads to disaster. A broken iPad (or one that isn’t being used) is wasted investment.

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Case Studies
Ninestiles Academy

Chris Quinn, Executive Principal

Ninestiles had a clear vision: to prepare their students for the challenges of work and future social change. As a school they wanted an ICT project that was capable of delivering this vision for 21st century learning. After visiting a number of schools already using iPads, Ninestiles began discussions for an iPad 1:1 project.

Shipston-on-Stour Primary

Christian Hilton, Head of Federation

A classroom set of iPads was a great starting point for us, and we found it to be very easy to customise the set to fit the requirements of our classrooms. The iPad install was supported with Apple Professional development Training which enabled teachers to get a great head start on delivering lessons using the iPads.

Llanrug Primary

Robin Williams, Headteacher

Over the past two years Llanrug have been investing in iPads for teachers and classroom sets. Although the school has enough iPad in school to provide whole class lessons delivered with iPad, their long term vision was strongly focused on engaging the children as learners in both a home and school partnership.