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Exploring purchasing options for technology? We can help you get your hands on iPad, Chromebook, and a range of third-party accessories.


The Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod – you probably know all these names already. But what’s the big deal about Apple in Education?

Apple are unique among manufacturers – they provide a seamless (and very well polished) experience across their entire product and app ecosystem. The iPad is amazingly easy to set up, it’s very reliable, and retains it’s value for years afterwards. It just works – if a student picks up an iPad, they know intuitively how to use the device.

iPad and iPhone get on well with both Mac and Windows these days, and the built-in apps are great for creativity and general schoolwork. The interface is simple, and suitable for just about every education activity. If you choose iPad or Mac, you are guaranteed to have a smooth, hassle-free experience. The trade-off, of course, is that you pay a little bit more per unit for this experience compared to other manufacturers.

Google Chromebook.

It’s light, powerful and surprisingly familiar. Chromebook is undoubtedly the king of the netbooks, and it’s popularity is growing.

The Chromebook is outwardly (and inwardly) a laptop through and through. It features a full size keyboard, web browsing capabilities, the latest Chrome OS – and 100gb of cloud storage on Google Drive. It’s extremely affordable, and the perfect alternative to mobile devices and tablets.

The real strength of Chromebook is how easy it is to deploy, manage and provision. It integrates seamlessly with Google Apps for Education, a robust cloud-based set of tools that make it incredibly easy to share and collaborate. Chromebook can allow students to log in, complete their work, log out, and then pass the Chromebook on. The downside is that to truly perform, Chromebook must always be connected to the internet.

Getting the Most from Your Technology.

Buying a stack of iPads or Chromebooks is seldom the best way to make IT work in school. It takes vision, knowledge and time to make technology stick. We’re here to help.

Advice and Consultancy


Sometimes all it takes is a cup of tea and a chat to get your technology deployment moving. We make excellent cups of tea.

Training and CPD


There are so many creative ways to use technology in the classroom, but lack of confidence will stop creativity in its tracks. Our courses aim to overcome this.

Installation and Support


Expert installation, infrastructure and support solutions for the discerning school. Provided by certified experts and technicians.

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