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Goldfinch Flight School.

A simple package that contains everything your school needs to get your mobile device deployment off the ground.

Expertise and Guidance

We’ve worked with many schools to get their initial or recurrent mobile device deployments started. We’ve noticed four reasons that deployments fail:

• The project lacks a clear vision. “What are we doing?”

• The devices aren’t set up correctly. “Why isn’t this working?”

• Teachers don’t know how to use the iPads. “How do I use this infernal piece of technology?”

• Something breaks, and nobody fixes it. “Hey, it’s not my job to fix it.”

So we’ve put together a solution to all these problems, at a vastly reduced cost for schools.

Our solution tackles the main problems schools face in technology deployments. No added extras, no tie-ins.

Vision Planning

The first part of a successful deployment is having a firm chat about your vision for technology in school. This helps put everyone on the same page, and clearly sets milestones and objectives.

Onsite Setup

When the school is ready, we bring a Certified Technician onsite to setup and install the devices. They document everything, and leave you in control of your new technology.


We bring up to 30 staff from your school together for a workshop session. This covers the basics of using iPad in the classroom, core apps, and anything else you would like covered.

Remote Support

We’ll be around to ensure that things are going well, and for any issues you might encounter. Where a problem arises, we can remotely assess and correct it, and keep you on track, and deploy new apps.

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