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Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and more words than the rest of the website combined.

Here you will find all the important small print information, or a download link to it. We want everything to be as clear as possible, so if you require clarification on anything please do get in touch.

By using our website, you agree to the terms and conditions listed here. Our terms of sale are entirely different, and can also be found below.

The website terms and conditions were last updated 5 October 2015.


Privacy and Cookies Policy

We take great care to ensure the privacy of the users of our website, and guarantee the veracity and security of our contact forms and comments. Any information submitted will be directed only to the appropriate recipient email address or article post, and nowhere else.

Any personal information submitted to us via our website is not permanently stored on our website. We will remove information stored on our servers about you from time to time.


We may collect information about your computer, including your IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration and in order to create reports. This is statistical data about our users’ browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify any individual.

Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. These cookies are used to store information, such as the time that the current visit occurred, whether the visitor has been to the site before and what site referred the visitor to the web page.

Cookies do not typically contain any information that personally identifies a user, but personal information that you submit may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies.

The only cookies in use on our site are for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps website owners understand how visitors engage with their website. Google Analytics customers can view a variety of reports about how visitors interact with their website so that they can improve it.

Google Analytics collects information anonymously. It reports website trends without identifying individual visitors. You can opt out of Google Analytics without affecting how you visit our site – for more information on opting out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites you use, visit this Google page.

Personal Information

We may collect information about your computer, including your IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration and in order to create reports. This is statistical data about our users’ browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify any individual.

We do not collect personal information from site visitors (as such that can identify the user), excepting personal information submitted in forms, comments or emails on our website.

We store temporarily two forms of personal information on our website:

“Contact Information”, which means the address, email, phone, full name, fax and other means of contact, used to facilitate contact with the user submitting information; and

“Content Information”, which means all works and materials, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, audio, multimedia and files you submit to our website in the form of forms, comments or otherwise.

Using Personal Information

We use the information gathered from Google Analytics to compile reports of browsing habits, and to help us improve our site.

We reserve the right to use Content Information in marketing materials, including but not limited to social media posts, email campaigns, telephone campaigns and on our website.

In practice, we will in most cases pursue written consent and agreement for use of your Content Information for marketing purposes. We will provide you with an opportunity to opt out of the use of your information as requested.

We will not publish Contact Information in any such activities as listed above.

If expressly requested, your personal information can be removed from any such activities, or the website itself, as further explained the Your Personal Information section.

Disclosure Information

We may disclose any information submitted to our website through contact forms, comments or emails sent to internal employees, contractors or subcontractors, but only for the purposes of fulfilment of requests submitted by these means.

We will never disclose any information submitted to our website received through contact forms, comments or emails to third party companies, agencies or individuals for the purposes of marketing or sales.

Under certain circumstances, we may disclose information to external agencies:

That which we are required to do so by law, either by freedom of information request or in conjunction with any ongoing or commencing legal proceedings; and

To exercise or defend our legal rights.

Your Personal Information

In regards to your personal information, you may, under the conditions further stated in this clause, request that we:

Supply all personal information we are currently holding about you;

Update our held information so that it is current and accurate;

Remove all personal information held about you from our web servers; and

Supply information to you about how to opt-out of tracking and other cookies services.

Any application to personal data will require appropriate evidence of your identity, such as a photocopy of your passport, driver’s license or a original copy of a utility bill indicating current address.

You may opt out of the use of your data for marketing purposes at any time. This can be accomplished by contacting us.

We may deny requests for personal information if such information is involved in ongoing legal activities, or we are required to do so by law.

Data Protection Registration

We are registered as a data controller with the UK Information Office, our Data Protection Registration Number is ZA143841.

Website Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to any users of our website.

By using our website, you agree to these terms and conditions. Use of our website under these terms and conditions does not constitute agreement with our terms and conditions of sale, which can be found separately via the download link below.

This website is © 2015 Goldfinch Technology Limited, under the copyright and attribution information listed below.

Goldfinch Technology Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom number 9634771, and headquartered at Unit 1E Green Lane Business Park Tewkesbury GL20 8SJ.

These conditions constitute the entire understanding of the parties and shall apply to the use of our website to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions (other than those contained in any license under which any goods are supplied) and no contractual terms and conditions contained in any document sent by the user to Goldfinch Technology shall be of any effect and with respect to the contract unless expressly accepted by the Company in writing. Terms and conditions of sale can be found separately via the download link below.

We may revise these terms and conditions in the future, and will indicate obviously changes to, amendments or additions to these terms and conditions at the top of this page. These changes will take effect immediately from the date of publication, and if you have previously agreed to these terms and conditions we will inform you directly of the changes made for future consent.

Copyright Notice

This website is © 2015 Goldfinch Technology Limited.

All copyright and property rights on content found, downloaded from and posted to our website is reserved.


We do not strictly enforce our copyright status, but we do request attribution for any material reposted, copied to, or quoted on external sites, under the conditions:

Original content is not altered, and is reproduced in full;

Authorship is properly attributed to Goldfinch Technology Limited before the excerpt used;

Original blog content is appropriately tagged and dated; and

A direct, working link is provided to the original content at least once in the reproduction.

Where individuals are found to have improperly used content without attribution, we will pursue the following actions:

Request attribution information be added;

Request removal directly with the individual; and

Pursue legal recourse as appropriate, including but not limited to cease and desist demands, DMCA takedown and legal action if the individual is based in the United Kingdom.

Acceptable Use

Use of our website in conjunction with, or related to fraudulent, illegal or harmful activities is forbidden.

Intentionally posting malicious, misleading or harmful links or information in contact forms and comments is strictly forbidden.

Taking any actions that will damage the website or it’s uptime, or impair or damage the performance of the website and it’s associated functions and widgets will be pursued to the full extent that the law allows.

Limitations and Force Majeure

We do not guarantee the accuracy of information presented on this website, and unless expressly stated all published content should be regarded as the opinion of and interpretation of the published material by Goldfinch Technology Limited.

Unless expressly stated or quoted the published material of this website does not represent the opinion of, or official stance of the third party suppliers or content makers referenced in the published material.

We do not warrant that the information presented on this website is up to date, as pricing, specification or availability changes can be altered by the suppliers without forward notice.

As this website is free to use, we will not provide compensation for damage or loss resulting from the use of this website.

Without prejudice to the generality of these conditions, we shall not be liable for any failure on our part to perform, where such failure is due to circumstances beyond the direct control of Goldfinch Technology Limited.

We will not be liable for:

Data loss, corruption or theft; and

Business losses, including but not limited to loss of income, profit, margin, savings or any such business that may be projected from the use of our website.

This website contains hyperlinks to and embedded streams of third party sites, including social media sites, and that we shall not be liable for the content of or opinions or content of the sites linked to.

We have no control or influence over the terms and conditions, privacy or cookies policies of third party sites.


If you notice or suspect breach, intention to breach, or abuse of these terms and conditions, particularly resulting in the harm of yourself or others, we request you contact us immediately at goldfinchtechnology.co.uk/feedback, upon which we will take immediate action.

If these terms and conditions are violated, or we suspect that a user may have violated these terms and conditions, we will without prejudice to our other rights:

Send one or more warnings to offending users;

Block offending IP addresses from accessing the website;

Contact relevant Internet Service Providers and request an IP block of offending users; and

Pursue legal recourse as appropriate, including but not limited to cease and desist demands and legal action if the    individual is based in the United Kingdom.


These terms and conditions for use of our website are governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with English Law.

Contact and Complaints

If you need to get in touch with us, or to submit a formal complaint about our services, our website or these terms and conditions, you can do so in the following ways. Please take the time to download and read through our terms and conditions of services (linked below) before submitting any complaint concerning a product or service.

Post: Goldfinch Technology Unit 1E Green Lane Business Park Tewkesbury Gloucestershire GL20 8SJ

Phone: 01684 291112

Email: contact@goldfinchtechnology.co.uk

Fax: 01684 851951