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Curriculum Training Sessions

Explore some of our Curriculum-focused training courses, designed to showcase the best in education technology. Perfect for building confidence and inspiring creativity.

Our Training Courses

Here are some of our most popular training courses, designed by educators for educators.

Storytelling with Animation

Animation in Education

Animation is a a wonderful tool to increase student participation, understanding and collaboration. This is a fun hands-on workshop investigating the use of Animation in Education, focusing on how to create stop-frame animations and how animation as a tool can be used across the curriculum.

Course Features:

  • We discuss the benefits of Animation to aid student understanding of subjects and concepts.
  • Planning a project, Tips and tricks for storyboarding, planning and writing.
  • Effective model making, including building your own plasticine set.
  • Animating your story and enhancing it with suitable audio and effects

A fantastic workshop, feeling really inspired and can’t wait to put this into practise in the classroom. The most fun we have had on a staff training session.

Jersey Schools

iPad as a Teacher Tool

Digital Confidence

Whilst the iPad is an amazing tool to engage pupils and open up new ways of learning, we can’t forget how much of a powerful resource it can be for you as a teacher. With this course we aim to show you the things you can do with a Teacher iPad that will make your life easier. From simple but effective features like the Calendar and Reminders app to classroom management and apps to engage learners. This course will give you the information you need to be an effective iPad Teacher

Course Features:

  • Personalise the iPad to the Teacher with an Apple ID.
  • Explain iCloud and how it ties everything together on iPad.
  • Explore features like and alerts and Siri.
  • Show how the free iWork apps allow editing of current documents.
  • Moving your existing resources to iPad, Word, Powerpoint, Smart Notebook and others.
  • Explain AirPlay, what it is and how it works for both Apple TV and Air-Server.

This course helped our Staff understand the impact a single iPad can have in the hands of a teacher, form the contact and Apps available to simple tools, like the Camera tool to show students work as examples on the interactive board.

Madely High School


iPad as a Teacher Tool

Productivity with iWork

The iPad has become a popular teacher tool, and this course aims to make the most of your school investment and further enhance digital confidence. Explore the compatibility of documents and presentations between Pages & Keynote and Word & Powerpoint. Apple provides optimised versions of Pages and Keynote for free with any new iPad. We will show you how to use these portable versions of the Apps to create new resources and edit your existing ones.

Course Features:

  • Open and edit Word and Powerpoint files on iPad using Pages and Keynote.
  • Accessing and transferring Office files from your PC to your Mac with iCloud.
  • Create a professional looking newsletter using Pages.
  • Using Keynote to build an interactive and dynamic presentation.
  • Collaborate with Staff using shared documents, via iCloud and Airdrop.

The training is relevant,well paced and particulary useful for those members of staff who are not as confident in the use of iPad technology.

Alun Williams

Headteacher, Rhydygrug Primary School

Coding Made Simple

Coding in the Curriculum

We are going to take you on a journey from some simple apps to support coding, to building a simple game and understanding its mechanics. We start with a simple real world programming exercise and move on to use that knowledge to create a game for the iPad. The aim is to take the fear out of programming by making it simple to understand, and giving you a starting point to work from.

Course Features:

  • Simple apps for progression in coding, from BeeBott to Hopscotch.
  • Explain how programming can be used for real world tasks, not just computer related ones.
  • Writing commands and a sequence for others to follow, to create a model.
  • Creating a simple game, explaining every step so that teachers really understand what they are doing.



Jersey Schools

Marvellous Maths

Engagement in Maths

Language can often be a barrier to understanding concepts in Maths, and a range of creative tools are available through the iPad to help explain abstract concepts and models. Through this hands-on workshop we look at a range of tools to increase engagement and understanding in Maths and Numeracy.

Course Features:

  • Investigate content available to support understanding of Maths concepts, including iBooks, Apps and iTunes U.
  • Hands-on workshop to look at tools for problem solving, including Siri and MyScript Calculator.
  • Maths challenge, explaining a concept with a screen cast.
  • Creating a Maths problem solver in Numbers.
  • Summative assessment and checking student understanding.


Great ideas to support learning and get the children to refer to if they get stuck or need something remodelled to them. I liked the Explain Everything app. It will be a good way to show children success criteria and what a good one looks like, to encourage more independent working.

Holy Trinity School


Digital Storytelling

Engagement in Literacy

Bring your favourite short story or Fairy Tale to life using a variety of creative tools. Investigate how the iPad can be a great tool for engagement in literacy, to encourage creative writing and improve speaking and listening skills. From digital books with hidden audio, to animations re-telling your favourite scenes, this course will show you how to use your imagination to bring classic tales into the digital age.

Course Features:

  • Use iBooks to explore some classic fairy tales, enhanced with additional digital features.
  • Familiarise yourself with a fairy tale and gather content together.
  • Learn how to create animated stories and videos that can be used to tell a story.
  • Use features of the iPad to create your own digital iBook that makes use features such as video and audio.
  • Become a part of your story with the simple use of green screen.


Having looked at comic life, green screen, puppet pals and book creator will use these apps with the children to retell stories and make reports of things that we learnt and then share them with others using the IWB.


Kinnerley Primary School

School Booking Options

Our courses are flexible, easy-to-book, and held onsite at your school.

Twilight Session

When it comes to scheduling training, it can be a pain to find a time suitable for everyone. A Twilight Session is the perfect remedy, being flexible enough to accommodate even those in a hurry.

  • One Twilight Session, up to 2 hours.
  • Up to 25 people per session.
  • Delivered onsite at your school.
  • A full range of introductory, subject-specific and productivity courses.
  • £350 + VAT.

Twilight Series

If you are looking to train different groups of staff, or target multiple subject areas and ability levels, the Twilight Series is the best fit. The Series offers three Twilights at a reduced rate.

  • Three Twilight Sessions, up to 2 hours each.
  • Delivered onsite at your school.
  • Flexible Booking Options
  • A full range of introductory, subject-specific and productivity courses.
  • £895 + VAT.

Full Day Session

A Full Day course covers morning and afternoon onsite. We find that schools prefer to run introductory courses in the morning, with subject-specific courses in the afternoon. Perfect for inset days.

  • One Full Day Session, AM + PM.
  • Up to 25 people per session.
  • Delivered onsite at your school.
  • A full range of introductory, subject-specific and productivity courses.
  • £695 + VAT.

Bespoke Packages

All of our courses can be mixed, matched and mashed-up based on your needs. If you are looking for a sustained training programme (or something specialist), we can build a bespoke package for you.

  • Increased flexibility for booking hours.
  • Delivered onsite at your school, or offsite.
  • Specialist courses and trainers available.
  • A full range of introductory, subject-specific and productivity courses.
  • Pricing on request.